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What exactly is the Numbering Company Show?

Each and every week on the NoCo Show, we discuss one classic film (often pulled from the Criterion Collection) using our celebrated 1-2-3 Movie Talk Time.

1 Great Shot
2 Great Moments
3 Movie Heart Ratings (🧡, 👍, or 💨)

Also each week we catch up with our Squirrel on the Square, get some lesser known movie trivia from the NoCo intern, and find out about the Deal of the Week with Dario Diaz!


See our newest episode!

This week we review the silent film SAFETY LAST! (1923) with our special guest Alan Linic! Alan is a writer for Saturday Night Live and knows a thing or two about the official Harold Lloyd hidden crab walk trick.

Make sure to catch up with SNL Season 44 or find Alan on Twitter or Instagram.