The Killer - Criterion #8


The Killer (1989) dir. John Woo | DP. Peter Pau & Wing-Hang Wong

If you ever find yourself in a John Woo film wearing a white shirt and you're not Chow Yun-Fat or Chow Yun-Fat's friend, you should be concerned.  —ML

Thoughts while watching The Killer for the first time:

  • I remember 1989. How can that be 30 years ago?

  • I wish I would have embraced that Miami Vice big-jacket-with-the-sleeves-rolled-up look. Still cool.

  • Wonder what the squib budget was for this movie.

  • They’ve really nailed the look and sound of a worn out Blockbuster VHS tape for the BluRay.

  • John Woo needed one guy who’s only job was to wipe off the lens between takes.

  • The choreography of these shootouts is genius.

  • Wait. This is getting kind of silly, isn’t it?

  • I wonder if seeing Woo's later films (and all the imitators) ruined me for the this one a bit.

  • Serious advances have been made in the quality of fake blood.

  • I'm pretty sure that’s the same henchman who got killed in an earlier scene.

  • This guy is the worst cop ever.

  • Chow Yun-Fat destroyed this woman’s life and then just kept making it worse.

  • Oh, it’s an opera! I need to start over.